PS cinq P
ecran cycles
pression pneumatique
PS cinq P
ecran cycles
pression pneumatique

PS 5 P

Double Pneumatic Transfer Press

Total clearance of the work surface
Offers identical pressure regardless of the thickness of the pressed support
Semi-automatic operation
Digital interface for time, temperature and pressure adjustment

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Pneumatic transfer press equipped with two work tables allowing work in masked time.

Lowering by button and automatic raising of the heating plate at the end of the cycle. The lateral transition is done manually, ideal for specialists operating on large productions ("sport co", workwear, fashion, events).

This press requires the use of a compressor .

Delivered with two 50 x 40 cm trays, it is also possible to easily interchange the trays to adapt to different textile supports: T-shirts, jerseys, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, k-ways, softshells, shorts, socks , down jackets...

The cap option is also available, thus making it possible to make markings on hats or caps if necessary.

After-sales service is provided by us in our workshops. The electrical elements of our parts are easily interchangeable.

Press guaranteed for 2 years, 5 years for the heating plate.

Technical specifications

Heating plate
50 x 40 cm
230 V mono
2.2 kW/H
1,3 kW/H
Adjustable temperature
50 to 250° C
Setting time
0 to 999 s
Up to 800g/cm2
116 kg